Autumn campaign social activation

We’re delighted to launch our autumn campaign, which is an evolution of Jersey. Curiously Brit...(ish).  We're inviting visitors to roll out a picnic rug and take in a fiery sunset over the Atlantic sea, forage for wild blackberries on gentle country lanes that lead to crystal clear views over France, bask in late-summer embers over al fresco aperitifs, then paddle their feet in sheltered bays when our waters are at their warmest.

Get social

Now, more than ever, social media plays a massive role in our marketing communications. More and more consumers use platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok to research destinations. It also plays an important role in advocacy with previous visitors sharing images that can help influence their friends and families to come to our Curiously Brit...(ish) island year-round and your business.

Be a storyteller

Join the conversation and encourage visitors to discover the Brit...(ish) side of the Channel this autumn.

The type of storytelling content we are looking for is authentic, real (community driven) content. It comes from the industry. It comes from locals.

  • We want you to be the hero of the content
  • You are our greatest asset. What you say matters
  • Share your stories

Share social imagery using #theislandbreak, #jerseyci and @visitjerseyci


Bring your story to life

  • Use our photography & content, make it experiential - Register for Visit Jersey’s Media Library and gain access to a wide range of campaign imagery and videos that you can share across your channels 
  • Get hashtag-happy - Tag us with #theislandbreak, #jerseyci and @visitjerseyci and use trending hashtags and those relevant to your industry
  • Show your pride & passion - Steer away from sales messaging, let's inspire visitors
  • Make it fun, friendly and spirited - Engage with your followers who interact with your posts
  • Be creative - Utilise reels, boomerangs, guides and stories

In need of some inspiration?

Here's what we will be sharing on our channels during the autumn campaign:

High Teas - 29 August 

When the last of the summer bank holidays rolls around, it's easy to feel a little blue... 

But here in our Curiously Brit...(ish) island, summer lasts longer, so why not plan a visit and extend that golden holiday feeling? 

Come and explore our breathtaking landscapes, where craggy coastlines merge with the drama of the Atlantic ocean. Roll out a rustic spread seasoned with fresh sea air, where France is close enough to taste. 


Wet Weekends - 14 September 

Another rainy weekend in Blighty on the cards? Why not pay a visit to the sunniest spot in the British Isles? Ok, it rains on the odd occasion but, even then, there’s a chance of dolphins 😉

Here in our Curiously Brit…(ish) island, we do wet weekends - wetter. And by that we mean with a good dose of fresh sea air as you breath in the beauty and drama of the island’s north coast, or with a dip in one of our sheltered bays when the water is at its warmest. 

Jersey’s not a summer fling, it’s a year long sunshine-feeling. 


Drive Through - 30 September 

Hungry for fast food? Here in Jersey, our drive-throughs are open 24/7 😉 

Why not swap your Deliveroo for a delicious serving of plump Jersey strawberries, ripened in the late summer-sunshine? 

Spin through the island’s tranquil green lanes, where life slows down to a gentle roll, and pick up your local fare at one of our colourful road-side honesty boxes. 


The Big Match - 16 October

Gearing up to watch the big match? Don’t worry, we’ve saved you the best seats in the house 😉  

Bask in late-summer embers over afternoon aperitifs at al fresco bars that wouldn’t look out of place in an Italian piazza, all with a front-row view to our beautiful game… Pétanque. 

Welcome to the Curiously Brit…(ish) island of Jersey. A place that’s familiar, with a delightfully continental twist.