An Autumn Escape to Jersey

Wanderlust was founded 28 years ago by a pair of travellers who couldn’t find the right mix of travel inspiration and information, so who better for Visit Jersey to partner with and share the delights that Jersey has to offer this autumn. ‘Adventurous’ is a word that is often used when describing Wanderlust readers and with blustery beaches, salty clifftops, forests ablaze with colour and fresh local food all make Jersey the perfect island escape for readers to discover. 

Jersey is one of the most incredible islands in the world, and yet is still relatively unknown compared to some of mainland Europe, and this campaign is all about showcasing the best autumn adventures in Jersey. So, if you or your clients are a fan of beaches, cliff walks and fresh seafood, then head over to the idyllic nine-by-five-mile island of Jersey.

An Autumn Escape to Jersey

Immersive digital experiences are a completely new creative solution. Sharing articles to inspire and capture imagination like never before, truly helps bring content to life for readers with a unique approach. 

This immersive story takes readers on a journey which starts before the Ice Age, when Jersey was connected to mainland France, and as you scroll through you unravel and learn about key moments in time such as:

1.    The Ice Age at La Cotte
2.    Exploring the Neolithic dolmens and graves 
3.    Fisherman’s Chapel which dates back to the 6th century
4.    Mont Orgueil which played a starring role in the Hundred Years War
5.    An insight into life during WWII when Jersey was occupied by the Germans

The story continues to promote autumn travel taking readers on a journey of adventure, whether this is walking with the sea breeze in your hair, uncovering WWII history, exploring the island on two wheels, swapping pedals for paddles or sampling the wonderous dining options available.

Whatever your interests, adventure awaits in Jersey this autumn.