Campaigns Q3 2017

Life is so busy sometimes we forget to think about how we feel. In our latest autumn campaign, we asked real people,  'How do you want to feel?'

Slow down for a moment and allow ourselves to relax, revitalise and reconnect. In Jersey, ‘island life’ is the perfect tonic to the stress of daily life. A restorative experience that leaves you ready to dive back in. We invite you to work with us to tell Jersey's story this autumn. 

Autumn Campaign

Help us to tell Jersey's story

  • Download the Trade Marketing Toolkit (below) to understand the campaign journey and messaging to market your business more effectively.

  • Use the video assets and imagery in your own marketing activity. Register for Visit Jersey’s Media Library and gain access to a wide range of campaign imagery. You can also share your own imagery on the library. 

  • Ensure that you have updated your product details on Visit Jersey’s MyListing Portal with offers and experiences to feature on the autumn campaign pages. 
  • Use the hashtag #theislandbreak across your social channels.

  • Keep in touch with what’s happening in your business. Share inspiration for content guides – how does your product help visitors relax, revitalise and reconnect? Contact
  • Download our '7 unique autumn experiences' and 'suggested autumn escape itineraries' (below). Include them in your customer communications, share them with your front of house teams and include them in 'welcome packs' to inspire visitors to experience the island break.

Trade Marketing Toolkit

7 unique autumn experiences

Suggested itinerary: Ready to feel relaxed?

Suggested itinerary: Ready to feel revitalised?

Suggested itinerary: Ready to feel reconnected?