Do it for Jersey

In March 2021 we launched a local campaign to engage the captive local market of 106,000 islanders who are in dire need of a well-deserved holiday, and entice them to take a holiday at home, through the creative campaign ‘Do it for Jersey’.  

The campaign narrative

Everywhere, all over Jersey, islanders are forcing themselves to ignore their instincts on staycation. They’re submitting to spas, enduring exfoliation, succumbing to surfing, choking down lobster linguine. All for the good of Jersey. Can you be a hero too? Of course you can. Generations of grit run through your veins like a pearl in a Jersey oyster. It’s time to courageously check into a local hotel and sink into soft bedsheets. To rouse your fighting spirit and tell housekeeping you’ll be lying in late. To do your solemn duty and tan your booty. Be our hero. Do it for Jersey.

Toolkit - Do it for Jersey

Fact Sheet - Do it for Jersey

St. Ouen's Bay

What do we want locals to think, feel and do?

We want locals to think differently about a holiday in Jersey. To think about Jersey as a host of different experiences, to consider the exciting possibilities and opportunities of planning a holiday in Jersey. 

To feel excited about planning a holiday in Jersey. We want locals to feel revitalised and refreshed by seeing the island through uplifting experiences. To see the island through fresh eyes. To fall back in love with tourism

To plan and take a staycation in Jersey. Rediscover parts of the island they’d forgotten about. Become brand advocates through word of mouth referrals to friends and family. Become tourism ambassadors for the island through sharing on social media.


We have sub-divided our campaign content across three local audience segments with relevant, bookable product experiences under each:

  • Staycay for two. Couples.
  • Staycay with friends. Groups.
  • Staycay with family. Families.

Discover suggested itineraries for each audience

Staycay for two

Staycay with family

Staycay with friends