Exit Survey July to September 2018 & Revisions to 2017

Visit Jersey has identified an error in September 2017 data which has an impact on the 2017 visitor economy numbers. The table below is based on the revised numbers. Visit Jersey asked our contractor, Island Global Research to investigate previously supplied data, as once a longer time-series had become available, results for September 2017 looked out of line with expectations. 

Exit survey

Island Global Research discovered a one-off processing error, which was not directly traceable in the figures supplied to Visit Jersey.  This error entailed incompatibilities between the number of interview records used to create a ‘weight’ for each survey respondent; IGR systems misread the ‘date’ stamp on a small number of records.

IGR has acknowledged the fault and supplied Visit Jersey with a corrected set of figures.  A number of spot checks have been made on all subsequent data to ensure that this error was isolated, and all of these spot checks have shown this to be the case.  IGR has also implemented procedural changes to ensure that this error cannot impact any future datasets.  Visit Jersey is also conducting its own analysis of data received to ensure that any anomalies that look out of kilter with typical sample variations are investigated immediately.

The following table identifies the differences made by correcting for this error. As can be seen, 2017 total numbers and spend increased on 2016, so Jersey recorded growth. We continue to see encouraging growth in Overnight Holiday Visits, up 17% on 2016.

September 2017 Exit Survey Revisions