French PR Stories

In Q3 of 2016, all coverage that appeared within a target media title communicated at least one message. The most prolific of these were ‘Pride and Passion’ and ‘Coming up for air’ with three mentions each. Ouest France published an article delivering the latter two messages titled “Jersey, the possibilities of a lush island” which included pictures of the local natural landscape.

France PR Stories

Half of the articles that appeared within key media titles were proactively generated. All of these recommended visiting Jersey for a short break, and delivered at least one message. La Presse de la Manche noted the Battle of Flowers, also noting “in addition, throughout the year at Jersey, it is possible to visit the Zoo, Durrell Wildlife Park, home to nearly 130 species protected all day”.

Regional media titles were the most successfully targeted in Q3. Ouest France and La Presse de la Manche were the most prolific of these, with three mentions each. All of these articles were strongly favourable in tone with Ouest France focusing on shopping opportunities and the island’s landscape.