Jersey. Curiously Brit...(ish)


Jersey. Curiously Brit...(ish)

Our “Curiously Brit..(ish)" campaign aims to drive awareness and interest in Jersey as a holiday destination for UK travellers.  It encourages prospective visitors to think differently about Jersey and tap into their key motivations to travel. After two summers of holidaying at home, consumer research has identified that our target UK audience is craving somewhere different to visit, with new and exciting experiences. But there is still some hesitation around medium and long-haul travel due to uncertainties around travel restrictions.

This presents Jersey with a terrific opportunity to market itself as an easy short-haul break that is close to home, but a world away from the familiar British holiday. We need to position ourselves as distinctly different, familiar yet exciting and appeal to our key target customer segments.

We are not British we are Brit...(ish).

Example print advertisement - Live La Vie en Rosé 

La Mare

the Escapist

Travellers who look for affordable luxury may have booked with Secret Escapes, a member-only British travel company that sells discounted luxury hotel stays and trips through its website and mobile app. Secret Escapes is now sharing the best of the best and a behind the scenes look at some of the most notable hotels and holiday spots around, as featured in the recently launched ‘the Escapist’. A quarterly high-end travel magazine packed full of inspiring trip ideas, the latest travel trends and an insider’s guide for their members who are seeking luxury, either close to home or further away. Jersey’s otherworldly offshore reef, Les Minquiers, features on the front cover and inside readers discover a dedicated article uncovering why Jersey is curiously Brit…(ish).

the Escapist

the Escapist


We know our target audience is craving new and exciting holiday experiences. Our key customer segments have been identified as Authentic Adventurers, Culture Chasers and Easy Explorers. Through qualitative research and in depth interviews we have detailed insights into their key motivations for travel, how they travel, what they are looking for in a destination, inspiration sources and media consumption and what activities appeal to them. They are looking for outdoor adventure, coastal and rural landscapes, heritage and culture and food and drink.


Rather than producing adverts for each individual audience segment, we are broadening the appeal of our campaign by creating rich visual stories designed to appeal to all our target audience segments. Each advert will highlight Jersey’s exotic side by sharing a different twist of the familiar British holiday. We highlight our proximity and connectivity to the UK but surprise our audience with unique Jersey experiences with a continental influence.

Content distribution

We have created printed and digital assets for this campaign with four print creatives and five video edits. We are deploying the campaign through printed advertisements in newspapers and magazines, digital display and programmatic advertising, social media paid advertising along with video on demand – showing our campaign content on streaming services such as ITV Hub, Sky and ALL4.

How to get involved

We need your support to amplify the story, whether it’s sharing the campaign messaging, using a stunning campaign image or making sure your web-listing reflects how your business will be celebrating the campaign theme. Using the campaign messaging and images will allow you to get involved easily. Images and a few carefully selected words can transform your promotional effort.


Campaign guidelines

Media Plan

Trade activation 

A press release was distributed following the campaign launch to key travel media titles, which generated the following coverage.

A trade campaign was also launched raising awareness of the new messaging for the island in partnership with Travel Weekly.