Jersey Destination Plan

Tourism is Everyone's Business

In Autumn 2015 Visit Jersey published the Jersey Destination Plan setting out an ambition for the Jersey visitor economy. On Tuesday 11 December we met with our stakeholders to share feedback from the recent consultation on the Jersey Destination Plan, review current trends and the outlook for 2019. 2018 saw some notable achievements; new routes, new hotels and great summer weather drawing visitors. But we must continue to work hard to keep Jersey front of mind, and in 2019 we will work harder to partner with tourism and hospitality businesses to bring more visitors to Jersey. 


JDP Original (2015)

WHY is tourism important to JERSEY?

JDP Progress Against 21 Recommendations (2018)

JDP Refreshed Survey Findings (2018)

Outlook 2019 - Stakeholder Meeting - 11 December 2018

JDP Refreshed (2019)