April 2018 Weather Round-Up

The average temperature in April was 11.9oC, which was 0.8oC higher than the year before and 1.5oC above the thirty-year average. Rainfall totalled 66mm for the month, a steep decline from the previous month but nonetheless much wetter than April of 2017 and somewhat higher than the seasonal average. 

Looking at the number of hours of sunshine we find that the total of 191,2 hours, markedly lower than was the case twelve months ago and around 12 hours short of what one might typically expect during April. In summary, the March weather was colder, wetter and duller than should be expected for the time of year.


Averages can be misleading – you can have many values that are a bit below normal being offset by a single value that is significantly above normal. In meteorological terms for example you could have a month during which 28 days see not a drop of rain, but three days of torrential downpours. Statistically this might lead to an ‘average’ amount of rainfall for the month, but most visitors would not have experienced ‘average’ weather.

Looking at April there were just four days when no sunshine was recorded with a further day when the sun shone for an hour or less. There was a run of four consecutive days from March 17 on which more than twelve hours of sunshine were recorded.

The lowest minimum temperature was around 4oC on the first day of the month. April 21 saw the warmest temperature of the month at 26oC, marking the end of a sequence of four days on which the temperature breached the 20 degree threshold – the only days during the month on which this was achieved.

There were fourteen days on which no recorded rain fell and three days with only trace amounts of around 1mm. The wettest day of the month was April 29 with 11mm, fractionally ahead of the 10mm falling on both 01 and 09 of the month.

In summary April included a particularly fine spell of weather with warm temperatures and abundant amounts of sunshine, but much of the rest of the month was rather cooler and duller than is expected at this time of year.

april 2018