Boats and Planes – the consumer view

Recent research conducted by research agency The Distilleries on behalf of Visit Jersey has investigated how Brits who take regular holidays and live in the southern areas of the country feel about travelling by plane and by ferry.

    By Ferry Air

    Key findings from the study include

    • 78% had used a plane to reach a holiday or short-break destination within the past year, whereas only 18% had made use of a ferry
    • Those using a ferry are more likely than those using a plane to be going on a trip that is only for a day or two
    • The majority of those that had used a ferry to reach their holiday destination had a crossing time of just a couple of hours
    • A significant minority of ferry users have an extended ‘door-to-door’ journey time which is greater than thirteen hours
    • Over three-quarters of ferry users drive to their port of departure, and virtually all of those who do so take their car onto the vessel
    • Respondents identified a range of luggage items that were easier to take on a ferry than would have been the case for a plane including sporting equipment, child car seats, pets, camping equipment and mobility scooters
    • While 71% are ‘very’ or ‘extremely likely’ to use a plane to reach a holiday destination in 2017, just more than half say they are ‘not at all’ or ‘not very likely’ to use a ferry
    • Asked about the pros and cons of travelling by air the leading suggestions for advantages were speed of travel and range of destinations that could be reached, with disadvantages included the amount of space available
    • Thinking about the plusses and minuses of traveling by ferry, being able to take their own car and move around on-board the ferry were key positives, whereas rough seas and potential sea sickness were leading concerns
    • Tolerance of door-to-door journey times varies by type of holiday being taken, for a 2-3 night short-break the majority (66%) will only consider journey times of 3 hours or less
    • For a seven-night holiday, less than half (47%) are open to the idea of a door-to-door journey time that exceeds six hours
    • Looking just at the amount of time respondents felt they would be prepared to spend ‘in transit’ to a destination there were stark contrasts by mode, with 49% open to spending five or more hours on a plane but only 26% willing to spend this amount of time on a ferry
    • The majority of respondents said they would not consider a holiday destination if it entailed having to leave home before 4am, but almost four-in-five are willing to consider a journey that sees departure from home at 6am
    • Respondents were slightly more likely to be open to the idea of overnight travel by ferry if it came with a cabin than they were an overnight flight in business class
    • The majority of respondents were able to make a reasonable estimate of how long it would take to fly from a local airport to Jersey, but seven-in-ten believed that a ferry crossing to Jersey would take three hours or less