December 2017 Passenger Arrival Data

The context for December is that there was less fog disruption at the airport than in December 2016, but ferry movements at the harbour were seriously impacted from time to time in December 2017 by industrial action at the port of St. Malo preventing Condor to operate services.


December headlines

  • The number of passengers arriving in Jersey during December was 2,401 lower than in December the previous year, that’s a drop of 3.7%
  • While the number of passenger arrivals at the airport was up 2,949, or 5.8%, arrivals at the harbour fell 5,350, or 36.5%
  • Gatwick accounted for just shy of half of all air arrivals and saw an increase of 1,102 compared with December 2016
  • Other air routes with strong growth in December were Southampton, Manchester and Glasgow
  • Both Liverpool and Guernsey saw arrivals dip by more than 500
  • The change in sea arrivals was almost entirely due to a decline of 4,397, or 46%, in arrivals from St. Malo

2017 Headlines

  • Passenger arrivals were 9,391, or 0.8% up on 2016, this a result of a 1.6% increase in air arrivals and 0.9% decline in sea arrivals
  • Gatwick is by far the largest route, four times the size of Southampton in second spot, with Liverpool in third place
  • In absolute terms the fastest growing routes in 2017 were Glasgow, Liverpool and Luton, while routes seeing the sharpest absolute decline was Guernsey, with 7,216 fewer passenger arrivals
  • Sea passenger arrivals increased strongly from Carteret and Cruise Ships, but were 5,307 down from St. Malo, mostly as a result of the December performance.

December Passenger Arrivals