Exit Survey Analysis - January to July 2019

  • Total visitor numbers for July 2019 were largely unchanged on last year, although visitor figures for the year so far were up 8%, with 2% growth in visitor nights.
  • Holiday visits were down 2% on last July, although looking at January – July, we see 9% growth compared to last year, with nearly two thirds of all visitors so far this year being holiday visitors.
  • There was a 56% increase in French visitors compared to July 2018, although this is down 5% when compared to January – July 2018. UK visitors account for nearly two thirds of visitors so far this year.
Exit Survey July

Overall visits and visitor nights

In the month of July there were 94,200 visits generating 393,000 visitor nights, these being unchanged and 9% down on July 2018 respectively.  Taking the longer view for the three months to July the volume of visits was 2% up and visitor nights 1% down on the same three months a year earlier.

In the first seven months of 2019 Jersey welcomed 421,000 visits generating 1.46m visitor nights.  The average length of stay for those staying at least one night was 4.1 nights, down from 4.4 nights in the equivalent period of 2018.

The year-on-year change across January to July 2019 is one of 8% growth in visits and 2% growth in visitor nights.

Taking a full twelve-month view, the number of visits is at 757,000 and visitor nights at 2.75m, representing increases of 11% and 3% respectively.

Journey purpose

The number of ‘Holiday’ visits to Jersey during July was down 2% when we include both overnight and day-trip visits and also when focussing just on overnight visits.  The number of day-trip visits that the respondent deemed to be a ‘Holiday’ was unchanged compared with July of last year.

In the three months May to July overall Holiday visits were unchanged, disguising a 21% drop in day-trip and 3% increase in overnight Holiday visits.  So far in 2019 almost 273,000 Holiday visits took place, of which 242,500 lasted at least one night.  This means that there has been a 9% increase in Holiday visits in the first seven months of the year, with this figure improving to 11% when focussing just on overnight Holiday visits.

Holidays account for the bulk of visits to Jersey, but during the first seven months of the year there was differing performances across other journey purpose categories with Business visits declining 8% but visits to friends and relatives up 13% and ‘Other’ types of trip up 15%.

Source markets

So far in 2019 almost two-thirds of all visits to Jersey have been by residents of the UK, 17% by residents of France and 8% by residents of Guernsey.  There have been contrasting performances across these and other markets, with the UK and Germany both up 10%, Ireland up 3% and Guernsey up 32%.  However due to a very poor Q2 and in particular, June, the tally of visits from France is 5% lower than in the first seven months of last year.

Mode of travel

Around 71% of all visits during the first seven months of 2019 were by those who travelled on a scheduled flight, up from two-thirds for the same period of 2018.

The reason for this change is that in the period January to July the number of visits by scheduled flight is estimated to be 16% up on last year whereas visits by scheduled ferry are 8% down.  The overall number of cruise passengers visiting has seen a 22% drop in the first seven months of the year.

Length of stay

In the period January to July 16% of visits have been day-trips, 42% trips that last 1-3 nights, 25% lasting 4-6 nights, 12% an exact week and the remaining 5% 8 or more nights.

There has been some recovery in the volume of day-trips thanks to the disruption to Manche Iles services of summer 2018 not being repeated this year, as such volumes are up 3% in the first seven months of the year.  The length of stay segment enjoying the strongest growth so far in 2019 is 1-3 night stays which are up 18%.  The number of trips lasting precisely one week is 1% higher than for the same period of 2018.

In the first seven months of the year the typical overnight Holiday lasted 4.3 nights, down from 4.5 nights a year earlier.

First time versus repeat visits

The proportion of visits that are by those making their first trip to the island is little changed compared with the situation at the same point of 2018.

Detailed volume data

The tables overleaf presents a range of metrics for July 2019, the past three months, the year-to-date and for the most recent rolling twelve months.  As is always the case the longer the time period reviewed the more reliable are the estimates. 

July 2019 Data