Exit Survey Analysis - January to June 2017

Provisional estimates suggest that the number of visits to Jersey during the first half of 2017 was 309,200 with visitor nights reaching 1.2 million.  On-island expenditure during the period January to June is estimated at £94.5m.

Exit Survey

During the period January to June 2017, nearly two-thirds of visits (64%) were made by Holiday visitors, 12% were visiting for Business reasons and 16% to spend time with friends and relatives.  Most visitors (66%) were residents of the UK, making this by far Jersey’s largest source market.  One-in-six visitors were from France during the first six months of the year while 6% were residents of Guernsey.

Around one-in-eight visits are day trips, while among trips that last at least one night the average length of stay was 4.5 nights.

Looking just at June, there were an estimated 94,700 visits to Jersey, generating almost 330,000 visitor nights on the island.  As would be expected the proportion of visits that saw departure by sea was at its highest so far for any month this year at 38%.  Strongly linked to this trend in modal share is the increasing importance of day visits to the island during June which stood at 22,000, or 23% of all visits.    

Across all trip purposes during the first six months of 2017 43% of visitors were making their first visit to Jersey, but when looking just at Holiday visitors this proportion increases to 52%.

We do not have a ‘like-for-like’ set of comparable data for the January to June period of 2016.  However, if we look at Exit Survey results for those who cited a type of accommodation that would likely have fallen under the ‘registered’ category, we can endeavour to create approximations of the old metrics, and this is presented in the following table. 

Table Exit Survey

The following charts paint a picture of visits by month since the commencement of the Exit Survey, with splits by journey purpose, country of residence, duration of stay and mode of travel.

Trip Purpose
Country of Residence
Duration of Stay
Visits by Mode