Exit Survey Analysis – January to November 2017

For the period January to November 2017 we are pleased to report:

  • 5% increase in all trips
  • 699,000 visits
  • 17% increase in staying holiday visits
  • 52% of holidaymakers were first time visitors to Jersey

For the period October and November 2017:

  • Holiday visits and the number of nights were 17% up on the equivalent months of 2016
Exit Survey Jan to Nov 2017

Exit Survey Analysis November 2017

There were an estimated 26,900 visits to Jersey, generating 96,000 visitor nights on the island. The proportion of visits for a Holiday stood at 47%, while 26% of visits were for Business and 21% to visit friends or relatives.

Exit Survey Analysis – January to November 2017

Provisional estimates suggest the number of visits to Jersey during the first eleven months was 699,000 with visitor nights reaching 2.8 million. Seven-in-ten visits (69%) were made by Holiday visitors, 10% were visiting for Business reasons and 14% to spend time with friends and relatives.

Most visitors (66%) were residents of the UK, making this by far Jersey’s largest source market. Very nearly one-in-five visitors were from France while 5% were residents of Guernsey. Differences in the average length of stay by market means that the UK accounted for 78% of all visitor nights whereas France accounted for 6%.

The volume of day visits begins to taper off during the autumn, but across the period January to November around one-in-seven visits were day trips, while among trips that last at least one night the average length of stay was 4.7 nights. Around 15% of visits thus far in 2017 have been seven-night stays.

Across all trip purposes, 44% of visitors were making their first visit to Jersey. When looking just at Holiday visitors this proportion increases to 52%.

Data in the following table should be treated with caution as figures for the first half of 2016 were not compiled on a comparable basis to those for the first half of 2017 and the Exit Survey data cannot readily replicate precisely a measure for those who stay in registered accommodation.


Table 1 Jan-Nov

The following table presents key data from the Exit Survey, but it is recommended to focus more on the data for the rolling three, and twelve month periods, rather than that for a single month, as this can be influenced by comparatively low sample sizes, especially during the quieter months of the year.

There then follows a series of charts showing visits by month since the commencement of the Exit Survey, with splits by journey purpose, country of residence, duration of stay, mode of travel and whether the visitor is making his or her first visit to the island.

Table 2 Exit Survey Jan-Nov
Table 3 Exit Survey
Table Residence
Table Duration
Table Mode