February Passenger Arrivals Data

This February had both more fog than did February of 2016 but also one fewer day.  As a result it is not surprising that passenger arrivals at Jersey Airport saw a 7.1% annual decline, with routes from Gatwick, Manchester and Guernsey all see arrival numbers fall by just more than 1,000. 

The number of passengers arriving in the island by sea was almost identical to last year, which once allowance is made for the absence of a 29th represents a slight increase. 

In total, passenger arrivals by air and sea were 6% lower in February, and on a year-to-date basis are 1.8% lower than for the first two months of 2016.

    February Arrivals

    Key headlines for February:

    • The number of passengers arriving in Jersey during February 2017 (excluding those travelling by private aircraft and visiting yachtsmen) stood at just less than 55,000, a decline of just less than 3,500 (equivalent to 6.0%) compared with last year
    • This decline is in part explained by the fact that 2016 was a leap year, and also by the level of flight disruption caused by fog during February of this year
    • The number of passengers arriving by air accounted for virtually the entire decline in arriving passengers, with barely any change in the volume of passengers arriving by sea
    • The only air routes that serve both inbound and outbound traffic to witness growth in passenger arrivals during February were those that either did not operate last year or that operated a more limited schedule than is the case now – routes to see growth were London Luton, East Midlands and Doncaster Sheffield
    • Three air routes all saw passenger arrivals decline by more than 1,000, namely Guernsey, Gatwick and Manchester
    • The majority of passengers who arrived by sea were travelling from St Malo, with volumes almost identical to last year – a strong performance considering the lack of the leap day
    • Looking at the first two months of this year overall passenger arrivals are 1.8% down, with air arrivals down 1.9% and sea arrivals down 1.2%
    • Just less than half of all air arrivals so far this year have been from London Gatwick

    February Passenger Arrivals