Half Year Exit Survey Results to June 2018

A mixed picture but with reasons to be optimistic 

  • Our visitors contributed £107m to Jersey’s economy, up 9% on Jan-June 2017
  • 300,000 visits were made during Jan-June 2018, 3% down on same period last year
  • 66,000 French visitors were welcomed during Jan-June 2018, up an impressive 25%
  • Although year to date overnight holiday trips were lower at 156,000, in June 52,000 overnight holiday visitors came, up 2% on June 2017
  • Holiday day-tripper numbers were 25,000, down 5% on Jan-June 2017

Two-thirds of visits to Jersey in the past year have been for a holiday, with a tally of 405,000 Holiday visits lasting at least one night, an uplift of 4% compared with the previous twelve-month period.

There is considerable variation in the average length of stay; ranging from just 1.3 nights for those from France and 1.4 from Guernsey, through to 5.2 nights for those from Germany.  Visits by residents from the UK average 4.6 nights.

With a bounce-back in school group travel from France it is little surprise that in the past year the number of day trips (taking all journey purposes into account) to the island has risen by a substantial 13% after a couple of years of decline. This compares with a more modest increase in the number of visits lasting at least one night of 3%.

German visits for the first half of year at 6,398 are down 15%, but this is largely due to fewer independent German travellers during this time when few charter flights were operational.  When German charter numbers are included for the summer months we expect to see growth.

Although representing a small market it is noteworthy that the number of Cruise Ship passengers visiting Jersey in the year to June was more than 1,500 higher than in the previous twelve months at 3,500.

With a healthy recovery in travel from France the number of visits by Scheduled Ferry has risen by 15% in the past year, while volumes travelling by Scheduled Air have seen little change.  

The tables below show key metrics for the month of June, the three-month period April to June, the year-to-date and finally the rolling twelve-month period to June 2018.

June 2018 Summary Tables