IPM Workshop

Addressing St. Helier's footfall decline

Declines in footfall in traditional High Streets is a well-publicised trend thanks to the popularity of online shopping. The King Street trend, while not dramatic, should be a cause for concern for Jersey’s retailers and the wider economy, particularly in relation to the island’s year-round visitor experience.

Footlfall decline workshop

The Institute of Place Management (IPM) ran a workshop at The Radisson Blu on 9 November 2017. The workshop reviewed the evidence available about St. Helier’s town centre performance and compared that with the British Isles, with a focus on towns with similar characteristics to St. Helier. The IPM then worked with stakeholders attending the workshop to develop an understanding of possible existing challenges and future options for the town.

Who are the IPM?

The IPM at Manchester Metropolitan University has developed a new evidence-based approach for town centres that can help provide St. Helier and its stakeholders with expert advice, and support the development of an effective agenda for managing change in the town. Arising from a £250,000 knowledge exchange project supported by the Economic and Social Research Council, accessing more than half a billion footfall movements provided by Springboard and developed and tested with ten town partnerships, the IPM can provide insights that could help your town centre move forward.

Addressing St. Helier's Footfall Introductory Presentation

Prof. Dominic Medway and Prof. Cathy Parker Presentation