January Passenger Arrivals 2019

The overall number of passenger arrivals increased by 6.8% on January of 2018, with the airport seeing an increase of 7.0% and harbour a rise of 5.0%. Gatwick accounted for half of all air arrivals and enjoyed a 7% annual increase. 

January Passengers
  • There was considerable growth in arrivals on the Liverpool route, while the route seeing the largest absolute drop in arrivals was East Midlands.
  • St Malo accounted for two-thirds of all sea passenger arrivals and saw passenger arrivals at levels very similar to a year before. 
  • The overall flow from the south coast of England ports was also on a par with 2018. 
  • Arrivals from Guernsey were up, but it should be noted that this is from a low base.

January Passenger Arrival Data