July Passenger Arrivals 2017

With July passenger arrival data now released, there are some interesting findings to consider.

  • Looking at the picture for the first seven months of this year total air arrivals are 1.0% up on last year, sea arrivals are 4.0% up on last year and the total number of passengers arriving is 1.9%, or 12,474, higher than during the first seven months of 2016.
  • There has been strong growth in sea passenger arrivals from Guernsey, but this has not been sufficient to counterbalance the decline in air passenger arrivals from Guernsey
  • The only sea routes to be down on last year are Cruise Ship passengers, Visiting Yachtsmen and Portsmouth
  • The air routes delivering the strongest growth in arrivals so far this year are Liverpool, London Luton and Glasgow, while in addition to fewer passengers arriving from origin airports no longer served, there have been significant declines in arrivals from Guernsey and Manchester
July passenger arrivals
  • Routes seeing strong growth in July 2017 included Glasgow (with 1,030 more arrivals) and Southampton (421 additional arrivals)
  • The number of passengers arriving by air fell 1.2% compared with a year ago, a drop of around 1,000This can largely be explained by the reduction in direct routes from Germany, with the Berlin, Stuttgart and Hannover routes which operated in July 2016 generating 911 arrivals during that month.

Download the latest July data here