June Passenger Arrivals 2018

Latest figures show that passenger arrivals in Jersey (combining arriving visitors and returning residents) were almost 7% up on a year ago during June.  There was growth in both air and sea arrivals, in part boosted by there having been five Saturdays in June of this year compared with four a year ago.


The air route seeing the strongest growth in arrivals continued to be Edinburgh with more that 1,300 additional passenger arrivals this June.  Gatwick is the route with by far the greatest volume of passenger arrivals, accounting for 35% of air passengers.  Harbour data for June shows a strong rebound in arrivals from Guernsey compared with twelve months ago, and another healthy month for arrivals from St Malo. 

Across the first half of 2018 passenger arrivals in Jersey are 2% up on the equivalent period of 2017 – with air arrivals up 3.6% but sea arrivals down 1.9%. You can download the full June summary below.  

June 2018 Passenger Arrival Data