More people are choosing Jersey for their winter break

Staying Holiday Visitor numbers increased 12% to 40,200 for the first three months of the year. Although this is early in the year and represents a small percentage of our total holiday visitors, it is encouraging to see growth in holidaymaker numbers before the main seasons starts. 

More people are choosing Jersey for their winter break

98% of our visitors scored our beaches and countryside good or excellent and overall Jersey was rated good or excellent by 96% of visitors. 

Provisional estimates from our Exit Survey analysis of January to March 2017 suggest that the number of visits to Jersey during the first three months of 2017 was 79,200. 

It is estimated that visitors to the island during the first three months of the year spent £17.7m here. The average spent per visit was £224, reflecting that, at this time of year, the typical trip is shorter than is the case in the summer and that there is a larger share of trips whose purpose is to visit friends and relatives. 

During the period January to March 2017, more than half of all visits (51%) were made by Holiday visitors, 22% were visiting for Business and 21% to spend time with friends and relatives. Most visitors (74%) were residents of the UK, making the UK by far Jersey’s largest source market. One-in-ten visitors were from France during the first three months and 8% were residents of Guernsey. On average visits to Jersey during the first quarter lasted a little over four nights. Across all trip purposes, one-third of visitors were making their first visit to Jersey. 

The Net Promoter Score (a measure of advocacy) during the first three months of this year stood at 62.2, which is a little lower than for the period July to December last year, but reflects the greater proportion of non-holiday visitors at this time of year. 

When asked to rate different aspects of Jersey, the destination performed strongly, as shown by the chart below. Even on those aspects where Jersey performed less well, most departing visitors felt that Jersey was above average.


Ratings different aspects of Jersey

We do not have a meaningful set of comparable data for the January to March period of 2016. However, if we look at Exit Survey results for those who cited a type of accommodation that would likely have fallen under the “registered” category of the previous survey, we can create approximations as presented in the following table:

Exit Survey results