November Passenger Arrivals 2018

During the first eleven months of 2018 the number of air passenger arrivals was 3.3% higher than for the same period of 2017. Edinburgh is the stand out route for growth with an additional 7,000 passenger arrivals, representing a more than three-fold increase. Despite being by far the largest route in volume terms Gatwick still managed to deliver an increase in arrivals of 3,700, although this being just a 1% rise.

The route with the steepest decline was Exeter, but caution is needed here as this is a route for which 2018 data has recently been revised, but without any adjustments having been made to volumes for 2017. Between January and November the number of passengers arriving by sea was 3.9 (down compared to 2017) The steepest declines in absolute terms were from St Malo, Sark and Carteret, but with the latter two of this trio declining due to the unavailability of a Manche Iles Express vessel during peak summer.

The number of visiting yachtsmen saw healthy increases, no doubt boosted by the sustained fine weather during the early summer. It has also been a good year for Cruise passenger arrivals with a 37% annual increase taking the tally to more than 4,500.

This means that across air and sea combined the number of passenger arrivals during the first eleven months of 2018 were 1.1% higher than was the case in 2017.

Nov Passenger Arrivals
  • The number of passengers arriving by air in November 2018 was 7.5% up on the equivalent month of 2017
  • There was strong annual growth from Gatwick with an increase of more than 2,500 meaning that this route accounted for half of all arrivals
  • Liverpool also enjoyed growth in excess of 1,000, while the only sizeable percentage year-on-year decline was from East Midlands
  • The number of passengers arriving by sea in November 2018 was 28% up on a year earlier
  • This growth was courtesy of growth across all routes with the exception of Portsmouth
  • This means that the aggregate arrivals picture for November was for a 9.8% increase

November Passenger Arrival Data