October Passenger Arrivals 2018

The number of passengers arriving by air in October 2018 was 0.2% down on the equivalent month of 2017. There was a wide range of performances by individual route, with more than one thousand extra passenger arrivals from Edinburgh, but a dip of 1,400 in arrivals from Gatwick. Nonetheless 39% of all passenger arrivals by air were from Gatwick during October 2018.

Oct Passenger Arrivals
  • The number of passengers arriving by sea in October 2018 was 1.1% up on twelve months earlier
  • Six in ten sea arrivals were from St Malo and this route witnessed growth in volumes of 770
  • By contrast arrivals from Portsmouth declined by 415
  • This means that the aggregate arrivals picture for October was for a 0.1% annual increase

October Passenger Arrival Data