Overnight domestic tourism in England - 2016

After a protracted hiatus caused by data processing issues, Visit England has now released data on the volume of overnight tourism by GB residents within England during 2016.  Data on visitor spending is expected in due course.

Overnight domestic tourism in England

The new figures show that in 2016:

  • 99.31 million overnight trips were undertaken within England by residents of Great Britain
  • This represents a decline of 3.3% on 2015
  • The number of ‘nights’ spent on overnight domestic trips was 285 million, a decline of 4.7%
  • This means that, on average, domestic overnight trips lasted for 2.87 nights, marginally lower than the 2.92 nights in 2015
  • The number of overnight Holiday trips by GB residents within England during 2016 increased 2.2%, with a smaller 0.4% increase in visitor nights
  • This represents more overnight Holiday trips than in both 2014 and 2015, but is still below the level achieved in 2013
  • The average length of overnight Holiday trips was 3.29 nights, down from 3.35 in 2015
  • There was a significant decline in the number of overnight trips to visit friends and relatives (down 8.9%) with the number of nights spent on such trips dropping 11.4%
  • The typical VFR trip lasted 2.64 nights, down from 2.75 nights the year before
  • Overnight Business visits were slightly up during 2016 at 14.1 million, with the number of nights on Business trips up 4.7%
  • This resulted in the average trip duration for Business visits increasing from 2.17 nights to 2.23 nights

The following chart shows the evolution of domestic overnight trips by journey purpose in the past decade.

Overnight Domestic Tourism England