Q1 2019 Visitor Data

There are some seasonal variations as well as ‘one-off’ factors that impact this quarter’s data. On the upside, the timing of Easter in 2019 will have boosted visits and March just gone brought weather that was kinder than that experienced twelve months before, resulting in less transport disruption.  On the downside, uncertainties regarding whether or not the UK would leave the European Union at the end of March may well have resulted in some changes to travel behaviour, particularly from France.

Q1 2019 Visitor Data

Key Findings

  • Q1 Holiday visitors gave Jersey a Net Promoter Score (measure of sentiment) of 55, one point higher than the same period of 2018
  • In the first three months of 2019 Jersey welcomed 95,000 visits who spent £26m and generated 271,000 visitor nights; up 23%, 12% and 6% respectively 
    • These numbers are good but we should remember that this period, last year, accounted for 11% of annual visits and 9% of annual visitor nights
  • In March we welcome just over 42,000 visits, an impressive 24% up on the same period in 2018
  • Holiday visits
    • Overnight Holiday visits in March was one-third up on a year ago
    • Holiday visitor nights were little changed
    • Year to date, overnight Holiday visits estimated to be 46% higher than the same period of last year
    • Holiday visitor nights are estimated to be up by 20%
  • Growth from the UK and Guernsey was good
  • March was a weak month from France, not surprising given the Easter effect that would have influenced leisure visits from this market in 2018
  • During the first quarter, 72% of visits from residents of the UK; Guernsey was next with a 16% share
  • The timing of Easter helps explains why the volume of visits, and especially visitor nights, by Scheduled Ferry were considerably lower in March of 2019 compared to a year before.  The volume of visits by Scheduled Air continues to increase; air accounted for 86% of all visits in the first quarter of the year
  • Short-break visits were up on the previous year, but visits lasting four or more nights were lower, again likely due to the absence of Easter travel in the 2019 figures
  • Across all trip purposes 37% of visits in March were by those here for the first time.  This figure increases to 41% when looking at Holiday visits

The table below presents March 2019 visitor data, the past three months and data for the most recent rolling twelve months.  As always- the longer the time period reviewed the more reliable are the estimates. 

Q1 Visitor Data