September Passenger Arrival Data

Passenger arrivals in September 2017 includes both arriving visitors and returning residents

  • The number of passengers arriving at Jersey Airport in September 2017 was 2.0% higher than was the case a year before. This helps improve the year-to-date picture, which is now for an annual increase in air passenger arrivals of 0.9%
  • More than one-in-three air passengers arrive on flights from Gatwick
  • Routes seeing growth in September this year include Southampton, Liverpool and Glasgow, while the largest year-on-year decline was from Guernsey
Passenger Arrival Sept
  • Across the first nine months of this year the air routes to see the biggest jump in arrivals are Liverpool, Glasgow and London Luton
  • By contrast in the period January to September the number of passengers arriving by air from Guernsey has fallen by 15%, with arrivals from Manchester down by a similar proportion
  • Looking at sea arrivals in September there was a fall of more than one-quarter in the number of visiting yachtsmen, but it was a strong month for Cruise Ship passengers with more than 700
  • There were year-on-year declines across all scheduled ferry routes during September, with arrivals from Guernsey down by more than one-quarter
  • Overall sea arrivals in September were 6.9% lower than a year ago
  • During the first nine months of 2017 the number of passengers arriving by sea is 2.7% up on last year
  • Despite the decline in September so far this year passenger arrivals from St Malo are up 2%, equivalent to an increase of 3,200 passengers, with arrivals from Carteret up 2,400 (28%)
  • Routes that have seen a decline in the first nine months of this year include Portsmouth (-10%) and visiting yachtsmen (-11%)
  • Taking both air and sea arrivals together the September tally was 1.1% lower than in September 2016, whereas the year-to-date picture is for an increase of 1.5%

The above does not mean that visitor numbers in September will necessarily follow the same year-on-year trend, as different routes see variation in the proportion of passengers that are residents and that which are visitors.

Download the latest September data here