Staying Leisure Visitors up 4% January to February 2018

During the twelve months ending February 2018 Jersey welcomed 729,000 visits that have generated more than 2.9 million visitor nights on the island.

Looking at a rolling twelve months of data, we see the average length of stay of Holiday visits lasting at least one night has been steady at around 4.7 nights, although looking at individual periods of the year, length of stay is higher in the summer than in the winter. For example, around 5.2 nights in the July to September period of last year and 3.6 nights in the most recent three months ending February 2018.

winter walk

Provisional estimates suggest:

  • number of visits to Jersey during February 2018 was 22,000 with visitor nights reaching almost 65,000.
  • average length of stay was 3.3 nights
  • compared with February 2017 the number of visits was 8% down
  • combining January and February, visitor numbers are 4% up at 43,745

Keith Beecham, CEO of Visit Jersey said:

“The decline in visits in February is principally attributable to a sharp fall in visits from France, which were 72% lower than in February of 2017, whereas the much larger UK market saw a fall of just 4% in visits. With less fog disruption visits from Guernsey were higher than a year before. The fall in visits from France reflects disruption to ferry services from St. Malo during February. With less fog in February than a year ago fewer flights were cancelled, meaning that Business visits, in particular day trips, rose, indeed, the number of day visits was 79% up on February of last year.”

The following summary tables present data from the Exit Survey. It is recommended to focus on data for the rolling three, and rolling twelve months periods, rather than that for a single month. Any single month can be influenced by comparatively low sample sizes, especially during the quieter months of the year. Year-on-year changes on a rolling twelve-month basis will be available once data through to June 2018 exists.

A series of charts follow of visits by month since the commencement of the Exit Survey, with splits for journey purpose, country of residence, duration of stay, mode of travel and whether the visitor is making his or her first visit to the island. We have also introduced “sparkline” charts in the table below for the rolling twelve-month period to provide an impression of the relevant trend.

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