Trends in domestic overnight tourism in England 2018

VisitEngland has released the latest findings from the Great Britain Tourism Survey which measures the volume and value of overnight tourism within Great Britain.

The data relates to domestic trips that were completed during the month of December 2018, meaning that we have provisional figures for full-year 2018, and when looking solely at trips within England these reveal the following information.

Tourism England
  • Across all trip purposes combined the number of overnight visits declined by 3.2%
  • The overall number of nights spent on domestic trips dropped by 1.7% in 2018
  • The amount spent on overnight domestic trips increased by 1.4% in nominal terms
  • Looking just at Holiday trips there was a year-on-year drop of 4.3%, a fall of 4.2% in bednights but a 0.7% nominal increase in expenditure
  • 46% of all overnight domestic trips in England in 2018 were for a Holiday
  • In 2018 the average duration of overnight domestic Holiday trips in England stood at 3.34 nights, identical to the year before
  • The amount spent per night on overnight domestic Holiday trips in England has risen from £70 to £73 between 2017 and 2018, while expenditure per trip has risen from £233 to £245

The following chart shows trends in the volume of trips by journey purpose on a rolling twelve-month basis.

Tourism England Data