Trends in domestic overnight tourism in England - May 2019

VisitEngland has released the latest findings from the Great Britain Tourism Survey which measures the volume and value of overnight tourism within Great Britain.

The data relates to domestic trips that were completed during the month of May 2019. There were no particular seasonal impacts to note, although in May 2018 there was the Royal Wedding which might have had a minor impact.  

Trends in tourism

The latest figures reveal that when looking on domestic overnight trips within England during May:

  • Across all trip purposes combined the number of overnight visits increased by 10% - the second consecutive month to see annual growth
  • However, nights spent away from home on domestic trips were static, indicating a year-on-year drop in length of stay
  • The amount spent on overnight domestic trips fell by 3% in nominal terms, likely driven by the reduction in trip duration
  • By trip purpose the number of domestic overnight holidays was 3% higher than the year before, with visits to friends and relatives up by 26%.  By contrast business trips declined 12% on a year before potentially an indicator of a slowing economy
  • The number of nights spent away from home on a domestic holiday fell by 4% as did the amount that was spent on these trips – a signal of consumers keen to take holidays but wishing to keep a firm lid on costs
  • The average per person expenditure on domestic overnight holidays during the first five months of 2019 stands at £208, down from £226 for the same period of last year, with an average length of stay of 2.80 nights compared with 2.99 for the equivalent period of 2018

The following chart shows trends in the volume of trips by journey purpose on a rolling twelve-month basis.

Trends data