Cooperative Marketing

Would you like to leverage your marketing spend to reach more consumers, across multiple channels in Visit Jersey's target markets? Enquire about a partnership with us. There is potential for increased reach and exposure and access to Visit Jersey's resources including media, creative, owned assets and PR and a fully evaluated campaign with insights, learnings and recommendations

Integral to our global marketing is working co-operatively with key industry partners to better distribute brand Jersey and generate sales. In each of our key markets, we target a specific consumer segment which represents the best prospect for achieving our goals. Reaching these customer segments is at the focus of all consumer, distribution and partnership marketing activities.

Co-operative Marketing

A number of opportunities exist this financial year across a variety of campaigns and markets in which we are seeking partners based on a co-operative marketing spend model.

The specifics of the campaign will be jointly developed with Visit Jersey and the partner depending on the aims and objectives of the partnership. Exact details will vary depending on the partner and the aims and objectives of the partnership. To enquire about a partnership with your organisation find out more about our cooperative marketing programme here or email