Marketing Campaign Toolkits

From market development, strong visitor relationships through digital content and database development and opportunities for partner referral, we’re committed to stimulating visitor demand for the best loved island in the British Isles through our marketing campaigns.

Through our marketing campaign activity, we promote Jersey as the island break, helping visitors to rediscover what Jersey is all about.  Our campaign activity is focused on evolving perceptions of Jersey, turning visitor aspirations into bookings and driving incremental visitor spend.

Marketing campaigns

Our campaigns don't focus on the island’s features or benefits, it’s about the experiences we share and how Jersey makes you feel. The visitor remains at the centre of the Jersey experience and we introduce visitors to the personality of our island, its people and its landscapes. 

Use our campaign marketing toolkits to tell brand Jersey’s story through your channels. 
 Our toolkits include resources such as digital banners and supporting imagery, promotional wording, and hints and tips to help you capitalise on the business opportunities presented by campaigns.