An online survey conducted among 1,000 Scandinavian citizens aged 18-74, all of who take at least one holiday a year, was conducted by Arkenford on behalf of Visit Jersey in late 2015.  Key findings include:

  • Scandinavians have a very high propensity to take foreign holidays and typically spend more per night than does the typical tourist
  • Across most age groups a ‘weekend short-break’ was the most commonly taken form of holiday, but for those of retirement age the most popular form was a holiday of seven nights that starts and ends midweek
  • City breaks, beach holidays and holidays in rural areas are the types of holiday taken most often
  • Visiting local markets, sunbathing and going for a walk in the countryside or by the coast are among the most popular activities undertaken on a holiday or short-break
  • The type of accommodation most preferred is a 4 or 5 star chain hotel or self-catering
  • When choosing accommodation, Scandinavians are keen to ensure that credit cards are accepted, Wi-Fi is available in guest rooms and that there are pubs and restaurants nearby
  • Facebook and YouTube are commonly used across all age groups, while SnapChat is particularly important for the younger groups
  • When asked about what had influenced destination choice of their most recent trip there was variation by age, but overall personal experience, recommendations of friends and relatives and Online Travel Agents and Tour Operator websites were most commonly cited
  • Only around one-in-twelve of the sample had visited Jersey at any point in the past
  • The most positive perceptions of Jersey were as a destination being close to the sea and beaches, being somewhere that had not been visited before and the attractiveness of the scenery and landscape
  • By contrast the attributes for which Jersey was perceived least strongly were activities that will keep children entertained, being able to get in the car and drive straight there and attending festivals and events
  • When examining what it is that actually motivates Scandinavians to pick a destination the most important attributes are spending quality time with family and friends, having time to relax and a chance to escape from the usual daily routine