Winter Campaign

Explorers Wanted

Exploring the island break in winter is more than an adventure, it’s a journey of self discovery. Since we know that everyone embraces winter in their own way, our winter campaign is a call-to-arms for visitors to explore #theislandbreak, no matter what type of explorer they are.

We don’t just make promises about our destination, we provide proofs, so this campaign proudly shares our unique product experiences with the world. We aim to celebrate the breadth of winter experiences in Jersey and tackle head-on the perception of the island as being purely a summer destination.


We have profiled our target audience into the following categories:

  • The Weekend Wanderer (semi-active, enjoys walking, food and culture)
  • The Active Adventurer (active, enjoys winter sports, running and nightlife)
  • The Romantic Rambler (semi-active, enjoys walking food and spa/ wellbeing)
  • The Soul Seeker (semi-active, enjoys walking, food and culture)

Video profiling each of the above explorer types will be seeded through digital media, with the objective of bringing prospective visitors to the campaign pages of Here they will be able to identify which “type of explorer” they are and will then be sent content via email specific to their chosen type. The added incentive of winning a 48 hour expedition in Jersey will be included to encourage data-capture.

The webpages will also feature content around the type of exploring you can do in Jersey, these will cover; Jersey’s culture, landscapes, food heritage and experiences.

Hear the call this winter and inspire visitors to escape to the island break

  • Use the campaign video assets and imagery in your own marketing activity as a free marketing ‘hook’ to heighten awareness of your own business.
  • Register for Visit Jersey’s Media Library and gain access to a wide range of campaign imagery.  Don’t forget - you can also share your own imagery on the library, which Visit Jersey will make available to media upon request.
  • Start planning your activities which celebrate winter in Jersey. This can include special offers, discounts, fun events and promotions. Update your product details on visit Jersey’s MyListing Portal with winter offers and experiences to feature on the website.
  • Use the hashtag #theislandbreak across your social channels. Download our social media guide on how to engage on social.
  • Keep in touch with what’s happening with your business. Share inspiration for content guides - how does your product celebrate the island break in winter? Contact

Winter Campaign Toolkit