Jersey. Curiously Brit...(ish)

Welcome to the Curiously Brit…(ish) island of Jersey.

A place that’s familiar, yet ever so slightly exotic. Jersey is an island that’s small in size, but big on personality.

The ‘Curiously Brit...(ish)’ campaign aims to drive awareness and interest in Jersey, as a holiday destination for UK travellers in Spring and Summer 2022. It encourages prospective visitors to think differently about Jersey and tap into their motivations for travel.

This campaign is designed to provoke curiosity about Jersey’s exotic side by serving up a refreshingly different twist on the familiar British holiday. It highlights our connectivity and proximity to the UK but surprises and delights our audience with unique Jersey experiences and laidback continental influences to provide compelling reasons to visit.

Jersey is a place that can’t be defined by a single experience. It’s not a city break, or a country break, or a beach break. Jersey is all of these things and more.

Discover the Brit…(ish) side of the Channel.

Jersey Curiously Brit...(ish).

Getting to Jersey

Travel by sea from two major UK ports or jump on a short flight from over 20 UK airports, and in just under an hour your customers will feel the sand between their toes as the sun sinks over the warmest part of the British Isles.

Closer to home

Jersey is the sunniest spot in the British Isles. So, if your customers are looking for an easy escape to a destination that is closer to home, where English is widely spoken and a place to dip a toe in turquoise waters or bask in the afternoon sun, then Jersey has it all.  

Trade Toolkit

This trade toolkit contains a creative overview of the campaign, example ad concepts and example imagery for inspiration in your own channels as well as creative messaging.

Download the Curiously Brit...(ish) Creative Guidelines Pack

Download your travel guide to the most exotic spot in the British Isles

Discover the Brit…(ish) side of the Channel

Whether curious about history, culture or have a love of the great outdoors, Jersey has something for everyone. It’s not a city break, or a country break, or a beach break. Jersey is all of these things and more.

Adventure Itinerary

Cultural Itinerary

Explorer Itinerary

Moment Making Itinerary

Media Library

Register for Visit Jersey’s Media Library and gain access to a wide range of campaign imagery. Don’t forget - you can also share your own imagery in the library. This is your opportunity to inspire visitors to discover Jersey’s exotic side through your unique experiences, events and promotions.