Little island. Big spirit.

For 2020, we are embracing our unique heritage and culture to share the rich stories that make little Jersey so special. We aim to promote Jersey as a year round destination, so our latest campaign will run across the whole of 2020. For phase one, from January to March, we are providing an incentive for our visitors to book in the winter, spring and summer months.

Our creative narrative will focus on what makes Jersey unique as a place in the world to visit. This campaign is about proudly asserting our cultural identity to the world. We are celebrating who we are as a people; our rich culture, history, language, customs and traditions that gives us our independent spirit and carves our unique niche as a destination brand.

All brought to life by the colourful Jersey ambassadors that make our visitor experiences unforgettable.

Little narrative. Big picture.

‘Little island. Big Spirit’ will be a creative platform to evolve our brand and help differentiate us in a crowded travel market. For this next stage in our evolution, we will refresh our brand messaging framework to inject our fresh, bold, spirited and fun personality firmly in our DNA.

As ever, YOU are our greatest ambassadors to help us on this journey. Help us inspire our visitors to discover the little island that’s big on spirit.


One campaign, two audiences.

Our campaign content will be segmented around our two key target markets to reflect seasonal demands and respective booking periods for each audience segment, Grow and Nurture

We have developed two sets of creative imagery, media strategies and user journeys to resonate with each audience segment. 

We have further developed Little Big campaign propositions for each audience, underpinned by unique product experiences, which we will serve up to the right audience at the right time.


  • 25-54
  • No children                                                                  
  • 2+ holidays a year                                                        
  • Short break                                                                  
  • 4-6-week lead time                                                       
  • Working                                                                       
  • Independent traveler                                                     
  • 60 miles from UK departure points                                
  • ABC1                                                                           

Campaign period: 02 January – 28 February 2020

Messaging priority: Drive visitation in winter months from January - March 2020  


  • 55+
  • No children
  • Retired
  • 3+ night holidays 
  • 12 - 24 weeks lead time
  • 60 miles from UK departure points
  • ABC1C2 

Campaign period: 27 December – 31 March 2020

Messaging priority: Drive early summer bookings from May - September 2020.

Early Summer Campaign - Nurture

Discover the campaign toolkit

Little island campaign video

Winter Campaign - Grow

Discover the campaign toolkit

Little island campaign video - winter

Help us to make the world fall in love with Jersey in 2020:

  • Use the campaign video assets and imagery in your own marketing activity as a free marketing ‘hook’ to heighten awareness of your own business.
  • Download our campaign toolkit (below) for a complete overview of our campaign messaging, themes and assets.
  • Register for Visit Jersey’s Media Library and gain access to a wide range of campaign imagery.  Don’t forget - you can also share your own imagery on the library, which Visit Jersey will make available to media upon request.
  • Start planning your activities which celebrate Heritage & Culture in Jersey. This can include special offers, discounts, fun events and promotions. Update your product details on visit Jersey’s MyListing Portal with heritage offers and experiences to feature on the website.
  • Use the hashtag #theislandbreak across your social channels. Download our social media guide on how to engage on social.
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