2020 Events - Share your dates with us!

Promote your event to the travel trade

 2020 might seem some time away, but our travel trade partners are already planning their programmes for the year ahead. Inspire visitors to plan their next trip to Jersey around your event.

Events in Jersey

Please confirm your event plans for 2020 by Friday 28 June by providing the following event details:

  • Event Title
  • Date
  • Location
  • Event Overview (approx.100 words)
  • Website

We will promote this to our tour operator contacts and feature this information on events.jersey.com/events, as a print-friendly list. The list also helps other event planners on-island avoid event clashes in the calendar year.

Let us know by emailing Meryl@visitjersey.je


Promote your event direct to consumers

We encourage you to continue listing your events on jersey.com to target visitors by using the MyListing Portal. In 2018, Visit Jersey had 3 million unique visitors to the website. All event listings from jersey.com are pulled in to the official What’s On visitor guide distributed at the harbour and the airport.

Find out how you can maximise your event listing here. Visit Jersey use events as a marketing hook across our channels to encourage visitors to ‘book now’.

Check out the examples below: