Bumper Crop for the Visit Jersey team in Potato Growing Competition

With the goal of serving up island life, and celebrating the Jersey’s local provenance, the Visit Jersey team recently supported Genuine Jersey’s Jersey Royal Potato Growing Competition 2019.

Thousands of local amateur growers including schools, media, and businesses battle it out, each with their own winning growth formula.

Each competitor receives a growing kit comprising two Jersey Royal seed potatoes, compost and fertiliser – and a bucket to grow them in. The Royals are judged against two sets of criteria, the weight once removed from the bucket and the number of individual tubers grown.

Visit Jersey producing bumper crop

Over the past three months, it has been a battle of the spuds, with a competition between our product and marketing teams, represented by the green fingered Meryl Laisney and Louise Ashworth.

Meryl proudly lived up to her farming roots with a bumper crop of 92 potatoes and 1.520kg, with Louise digging up a respectful 58 potatoes, weighing in at 750kg. 

John Garton, Chief Executive Officer of Genuine Jersey was on hand to do the digging and judge the two teams and was impressed by the numbers of spuds which were produced by both Meryl and Louise.

All that's left now is the taste test!