Condor Ferries: Brexit - no change for travellers to the Channel Islands

As Brexit comes into force, Condor Ferries assures its passengers that they can continue to enjoy the charm of the Channel Islands, without worrying about any change in entry requirements.

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The St Malo-based shipping company, also a tour operator specialising in the Channel Islands, is keen to reassure French travellers, including the group organizers such as school outings and associations: a simple ID card or a valid passport is sufficient to get to Jersey and Guernsey. As for passengers who wish to take their vehicle, the driver's license in force in France is sufficient to travel on the Channel Islands. 

As with travel to the UK, Brexit will have no impact on formalities for travellers to the Channel Islands, at least during the transition period until 31 December 2020. Until then, no administrative rules will be changed.

Condor Ferries French Press Release