November Arrivals Report

The November arrivals report shows that during November the number of passengers arriving by air was up 1.0% compared with a year ago, with this coming thanks to a 3.2% increase in arrivals on routes originating in the UK.  Encouragingly Gatwick continues to see good growth in volumes whereas the London City route carried fewer passengers, however this is in part due to fewer rotations this year than last.

Arrivals on routes from continental Europe and Ireland were down by 40% but the base size is very small and the decline driven largely by fewer passengers on direct Madeira services which serve the outbound rather than inbound market.

November Arrivals Report

The number of passengers arriving on inter-island flights in November was 12.9% lower than a year before.

Looking at sea arrivals during November it is important to recognise that the Liberation was in dry dock for much of the month impacting on year-on-year comparisons.  There was a 10.5% decline in sea arrivals overall, with arrivals from the UK down 14.5%, those from France down 9.1% and inter-island arrivals down 11.0%.

Combining air and sea arrivals passenger arrivals fell by an annual rate of 0.5% in November, but arrivals from the UK actually saw an increase of 2.5% but this was offset by declines in arrivals on inter-island services of 12.7% and of 12.1% from elsewhere.

On a cumulative basis across the first eleven months of 2016 the number of air passenger arrivals is just shy of three-quarters of a million, with a 4.0% increase on the same period of 2015.  UK air arrivals are up 5.4%, those on routes from Ireland and continental Europe up 2.4%, but there has been a 13.8% drop in air arrivals on inter-island routes.

Sea arrivals between January and November are 15.0% down, with the heftiest declines in arrivals from the UK (-20.3%) and inter-island (-29.5%).  Arrivals from France have performed somewhat better, with a decline of 8.9%.

Taking into account both air and sea arrivals the first eleven months of 2016 has resulted in passenger arrivals that are 2.5% lower than during the same period of 2015, made up from an increase in UK arrivals of 2.7% but declines on inter-island routes of 22.2% and on other foreign routes of 7.4%.

There are three separate sheets in the attached file showing the data at different levels of granularity.

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