Planning an event? Book It

The Jersey-based ticketing solution and event promotional business 'Book It' is a local start-up business designed to provide businesses with a cheaper, alternative ticketing solution than Eventbrite. Not only will Book It provide tickets, they also offer digital event promotion to contribute to a wider audience reach, both online and offline throughout the island community. 

Juliano Karahassan, Director of Book It stated, ‘After living abroad and experiencing how small and large events are managed and marketed, I have decided to introduce the initiative as a fresh, new approach to Jersey. Book It is the new generation of ticketing solutions in Jersey by making ticketing accessible to all businesses, of all sizes throughout the Channel Islands’.

Book It Ticketing

Book Its services are available to all sectors both on and off-island, to provide easier event management and the opportunity to promote business events for them, should they not have the resources to manage it themselves.

As printed tickets are still a strong component of event creation and management, the digital format is naturally progressing into society and offering customers the ability to hold their tickets on their smartphones. Book It allows the event managers to easily access and monitor their ticket sales as well as drive customers from social platforms to the Book It website, for conversion.