November Content

In November, the themes that we will focus content on, but aren’t exclusive, are the following:

  • Dining food and markets
  • Museums and opera
  • Nightlife
  • Retail and shopping
  • Scenic and countryside

We encourage you to look for ways to include content that is relevant to the above content themes within your own social plans.

Bouley Bay


Each month we add to the existing content on, this content is written based around broader activity happening in the annual marketing plan, new product, events happening, or search traffic uplifts.

Jack’s Island Break – Instagram photographer Jack Anstey visited the island in October to discover the island break, this supports the rediscover yourself campaign messaging

Foraging in Jersey Your journey from field to fork – sharing the story of Jersey’s wilder and tastier side.

Jersey parkrun – the elusive letter ‘J’ – promoting Jersey’s Park Run, an initiative that happens all over the British Isles, and takes place weekly every Saturday morning at Les Quennevais Sports Centre.  

Groupes scolaires – The French translation of the school groups pages

Hotel de France Spa


November focused events that we encourage you to promote to give visitors reasons to visit Jersey and provide some inspiration for what visitors can do when they are in Jersey in November are as follows: 


22 November – 24 December – La Fête dé Noué

23 – 30 November – Christmas at 16 New Street

29 November The CI 100k Trailmonkey

Christmas Markets


(Ongoing activity)

Serving up island life – Phase 2 

 For phase two, from September to November, we are embracing our unique food story and fresh experiences to give visitors an authentic serving of island life.

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Rediscover yourself

This autumn, we aim to position Jersey as a destination to rediscover yourself and reconnect with nature over a short island break.

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