Predicted Travel Trends

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Research update December 2021

Traveller Value Index - Expedia Group 

Expedia Group recently published a report on Traveller Value Index - some key insight on future predicted travel trends from the report are detailed below, and you can access the full report on the download link. 

  • Travelers will look for ways to get away with more frequent, shorter trips
  • 60% of travellers will opt for domestic travel in the short-term
  • Nearly three in five are willing to spend extra to make their trip more sustainable
  •  #1 value to travellers: The ability to get a refund if their plans change
Expedia report

Expedia report - Traveller Value Index 2021

YouGovs International Travel & Tourism Report 2021

YouGovs International Travel & Tourism Report 2021 analyses consumer travel preferences and identifies the key emerging opportunities for the tourism industry.

Key findings include:

  • Globally, appetite for international travel (18%) is lower than domestic (51%)
  • 77% of global consumers are planning travel in the next 12 months with 57% planning 2+ trips
  • Millennials and Gen X are the main sources of demand in the near-term
  • On-The-Go travellers (3+ trips in the next 12 months) account for 29% of planned travellers but offer the highest revenue opportunity per traveller due to their initial confidence
  • Responsible Travelers are the 2nd largest segment of traveller type - after Budget/Value - and growing
  • Data on favourite destinations post-pandemic shows international travel will begin with familiarity

Read the full report.

The Skift megatrends 2025 report

Explore insights around the key trends that are expected to shape travel in a post-COVID world.

The Skift megatrends 2025 report includes useful insights on the below topics:

  • Travel’s New Cadence Is More Deliberate, Introspective and Soulful
  • Backyard Tourism Is On a Pedestal But Far-Flung Exploration Recovers
  • Hotels Are Back With Big Upsides for Owners Who Stuck Out the Hard Times
  • Work From Anywhere Spurs a New Type of Business Travel
  • Asia Bulks Up Even As It Looks Inward
  • Travel Sectors Get Scrambled, Definitions Blur
  • The Subscription Model Becomes a Staple of Travel Industry Renewal
  • Humbled Airlines Back Away From Any Brash New Ventures
  • Cruise Lines Partner, Prune and Take Refuge In Their Private Islands
  • The Rise of Global Mobile Wallets Upends Travel Payments
  • The Robots You See and the Ones You Don’t Accelerate Automation
  • More Mainstream Short-Term Rentals Cope With New Headwinds
  • Product Mediocrity Seeds a New Era of Travel Industry Disruption
  • Renewed Strength Matters in 2025

Telegraph article 

This Telegraph article includes 10 predictions for travel trends in 2021, including things such as bucket-list destinations, staycations, slow travel, philanthropic travel, digital nomad travel, wilderness escapes and bubble travel (including multigenerational travel).

Travel Weekly's Top Travel Trends for 2021

Predicting travel trends is a tricky task at the best of times, but after a year in which our lives have changed almost beyond recognition, there’s no doubt how we holiday has changed too. 


ABTA has identified six key trends that are shaping people’s travel plans for 2021, based on expert insight and research, as well as booking data from their Members. 

  1. Embracing old favourites
  2. Ticking off the bucket list
  3. An increasing desire for country (great outdoors) escapes
  4. Committed cruisers
  5. Peace of mind of a package and expertise

Read the full findings here

Six Travel Trends 2021