RBC Super League Triathlon Industry Opportunities

Events Jersey want to work in partnership with partners to develop experiences which leaves visitors with lasting memories of our island.

There are opportunities for Jersey's businesses to engage pre-, during, and post-SLT. At the RBC Super League Triathlon (SLT) Industry Workshop, hosted in partnership with the Jersey Hospitality Association, ideas were explored for development in 2019 and beyond.

The following ideas were collated from the 2019 workshop with over 40 delegates from across accommodation, eatery, activity provider/attraction, retail businesses and transport providers. 


Accommodation providers & eateries 

  • SLT - e-newsletter / Social media to celebrate the return of SLT to Jersey and promote bookings
  • Live feed screens of the action in hotels 
  • Market to the whole family – develop hotel packages – SUPER-stay deals 
  • Provide visitors (spectators, participants, media) incentives to return with specific offers to use in the 3-months post SLT 
  • Staff in hotels to wear badges i.e. ‘Ask me about SLT’, yellow flower button holes
  • Show screens in lobby/rooms with SLT video content on a loop 
  • Tailored menu i.e. super food/healthy menus
  • Tailored spa treatments i.e. massage, facials
  • Access to merchandise (see details below on sourcing SLT merchandise) 
  • Banners outside hotel terraces

Activity providers & attractions

  • Develop experiences in the week leading up to the event programme including the Friday night, and outside of the event hours. Examples 
    • Sunset Seafaris
    • Sunrise / sunset yoga
    • Celebrate Jersey’s extreme tides i.e. a SUPER tidal sea-bed walk
    • A SUPER seafood/oyster shuck  
    • Jump Jersey - Run a competition with locals/visiting children 
    • Jersey Zoo - develop extreme animal facts i.e. how much can Badongo bench press?
    • Develop a competitive angle to the beach clean i.e. experience giveaways for the most rubbish collected.  

Town & retail

  • Paint the town yellow

  • SLT themed window displays -  black and yellow flowers

  • Shop front competition - winner wins athlete visit to shop/video content etc. 

  • Run an SLT competition - with the opportunity to win a free gift. SLT are offering stores a discount off merchandise (see details below on sourcing SLT merchandise)

  • How to live like an athlete i.e. athletic clothing, focus on sports watches, nail bars i.e. themed race nails in yellow

  • In store partnerships i.e. pop-up yoga in store

  • Super yoga for triathletes / kids’ yoga / free beach yoga

  • Meet and greet with the athletes in town

  • Offer an SLT gift with purchase

  • Open shops on a Sunday

  • Dedicated booklet for retail promoting offers F&B

  • Paper bunting

  • Pins

  • Stickers

  • Water bottle giveaways

  • Waitrose – community matters (3/4-month notice) – appoint sports charity choice

Public realm & POSH 

  • Light up Elizabeth Castle / The Fort in yellow
  • Yellow bikes – encourage people to get on their bikes
  • Consider how to connect town to the Waterfront
  • Animate the Weighbridge area
  • Cycle race around town


  • SLT shirts for the Liberty Bus drivers, Liberty Bus customer service staff, and TIC staff to be worn every Saturday in the lead up to the event/for the week of the event
  • Free bus transport during the event  
  • Taxi advertising
  • Bike locks for spectators/visitors wishing to attend with their bikes

Next steps 

  • Once a date for the next event is confirmed, Events Jersey will provide the opportunity for industry to register and attend an industry opportunity workshop.
  • Following the industry workshop Events Jersey will work in partnership with suppliers to explore the development and rollout of the suggested ideas, for 2020 and beyond. 
  • All businesses can use SLT's images, video content and logos in marketing activity- access the media library, brand guidelines and social toolkit below.
  • To apply for SLT merchandise, please email Amy, Events Jersey.
  • SLT are plastic free – celebrate Jersey’s green credentials and get on board. Download our Plastic Free Jersey industry toolkit.
  • Tell us about the experiences you develop and feature in Visit Jersey's Victory Lap. Check out the 2019 Victory Lap here which maps out the island's unique SLT experiences in the week leading up to the event. The Victory Lap is shared across our consumer marketing channels and by SLT.
  • If you require any further assets for SLT including the official font please contact product@visitjersey.je.

Superleague Triathlon Jersey Introduction

Super League Triathlon Industry Workshop Presentation

Super League Triathlon Brand Guidelines