Rediscover Home - Little steps. Big adventures.

The 'Rediscover Home' campaign will aim to remind residents that Jersey is an amazing place and that sometimes we forget what is right here on our doorstep. We are all islanders and that makes us and our environment special.

This summer, we are challenging islanders to rediscover home and to do something they’ve never done before that’s unique to our amazing little island.​

From foraging to exploring, rock pooling to baking wonders. It might be watching sunrise at Gorey, having a picnic in the woods or catching the sunset at Portelet whilst tucking into freshly baked pizza. ​

The campaign is for everyone – young, old, couples, singles and families. By taking part, we want islanders to discover something new about Jersey and maybe even themselves, and by taking part we'll all being doing our bit to support one of our oldest and most valued industries.  ​

This is not a momentary crush; it’s the rekindling of a long-term love affair.​

Campaign period: 18 June - 18 July 2020

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Campaign messaging

Our aim is to inspire islanders to reconnect with all that our little island has to offer to help drive local pride and encourage islanders to further share the island spirit, enjoy their own #theislandbreak and in turn support local, and ultimately become tourism advocates.​

  • Encourage islanders to support local business and the wider tourism offering, increasing spending within the local economy.​

  • Encourage Jersey residents to connect with all that the island has to offer and enjoy their very own #theislandbreak.​

  • Galvanize locals to share content that drives local pride and celebrates our island spirit – each becoming their own island advocate and sharing their island experiences with family and friends.​

  • Support a ‘we are in this together’ feeling and that the tourism and hospitality industry is a vital part of island life.​

Calls to action

  • Rediscover Home​

  • Drive web traffic referrals to local businesses​

  • Become an advocate for your island (share experiences using the #rediscoverhome and #theislandbreak)

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The first day of summer challenge

Saturday 20 June 2020 marks the first day of summer and the galvanising moment for the campaign.​

This our moment to mobilise islanders and get them all behind the campaign. We want 20 June to be a call to arms for the whole island to get out and rediscover home. From this day, we are challenging islanders to try something new and unique to Jersey and to share their discoveries amongst their friends and families by using the #rediscoverhome hashtag.​

This will be a key date of the campaign to trigger action and kickstart the sharing of content.​

Islanders will be invited to take part in the ‘Challenge’… to discover and participate in something new that’s unique-to-Jersey then share their experience online utilising the #rediscoverhome and #theislandbreak hashtags. 

Rediscover Home Toolkit