Rediscover Yourself

This autumn, we aim to position Jersey as a destination to rediscover yourself and reconnect with nature over a short island break.

A holiday in the island break can facilitate the rewilding process. The core of the ‘Rewild Yourself’ product celebrates the island’s power to refresh and revitalise, reconnect and rediscover through a reintroduction into nature.

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Creative narrative:

Ever feel like the best version of you needs to come up for air? Escape to an island where being at one with nature is more than a mantra, it’s close enough to touch. Retreat to a space where you can disconnect with the devices and reconnect with your soul. However you feel when you land, you’ll leave with a freshness in your heart and a healthier glow. Rediscover yourself in the island retreat. 

Content Hierarchy 

Our campaign content will be segmented around the trinity of wellness. This has been developed into three distinct campaign propositions:

Revitalise your mind

Rebalance your body

Liberate your spirit

We have identified bookable product experiences that align with these three core themes with creative assets to support these messages. 

Content strategy

We will drive our audience into where extended campaign elements will be housed e.g. rich media content, relevant offers, product itineraries and content articles. 

Content distribution

We are deploying a tactical digital campaign through social media and trade marketing channels to drive awareness, engagement and ultimately conversions throughout the autumn period. We have created social-first content to resonate with an online audience with creative imagery to sit beautifully on the feeds. We have secured brand partnerships with Wanderlust and Secret Escapes to help us amplify our message and serve up the right message to the right people at the right time.

Help us to build an appetite for Jersey

  • Use the campaign video assets and imagery in your own marketing activity as a free marketing ‘hook’ to heighten awareness of your own business.
  • Download our campaign toolkit (below) for a complete overview of our campaign messaging, themes and assets.
  • Register for Visit Jersey’s Media Library and gain access to a wide range of campaign imagery.  Don’t forget - you can also share your own imagery on the library, which Visit Jersey will make available to media upon request.
  • Start planning your activities which celebrate rewilding in Jersey. This can include special offers, discounts, fun events and promotions. Update your product details on visit Jersey’s MyListing Portal with offers and experiences to feature on the website.
  • Use the hashtag #theislandbreak across your social channels. Download our social media guide on how to engage on social.
  • Keep in touch with what’s happening with your business. Share inspiration for content guides - how does your product celebrate our rewilding story? Download our 'Rewild Yourself' toolkit and contact

Rediscover Yourself - Visit Jersey 2019 Campaign Toolkit