UK PR Stories

In Q3 2016, the reach to Retain Market 2 increased by three percentage points quarter-on-quarter, aided by a mention in Cosmopolitan, a key title and the second most read (7%) magazine by this audience. Cosmopolitan published a proactive article called “48 hours... in Jersey” which recommended the island for a short break, an effective holiday type position as 33% of this audience takes this type of holiday compared to 24% of all UK Adults. In addition, the article communicated all calls to action and delivered the ‘Eat & drink’, ‘An island shaped by the sea’, and ‘Refresh in the sea’ messages. This article also helped more of Grow Market 1 to be reached compared to any other audience, as 9% of this audience reads Cosmopolitan, compared to 5% of all UK Adults.

Retain Market 1 proved the most difficult to reach. This audience reads The Daily Mail more than any newspaper, at 36% compared to 22% of all UK adults. Targeting this title is suggested to increase the reach to Nurture Market 1.

UK PR Stories

Just over three quarters (76%) of UK coverage appeared in national publications, with pieces published in high-readership titles such as BBC Online, MSN UK and Mashable contributing to an overall national OTS of over 160 million. 19% of the national coverage was proactive, accounting for 8% of the national OTS.

Coverage in London had a strong impact due to high-readerships, despite only producing four pieces, all organically generated. Metro London published a picture with an accompanying caption describing how an adrenaline junkie surfed dangerously close to a sea wall at St. Ouen. This helped to deliver the ‘An island shaped by the sea’ message.

South East was the most prolific region, with five articles generated in Q2. All of this was organic and 80% highlighted ‘Being close to the sea and beaches’ as a key Jersey attribute. In one travel feature, the author described her two week-holiday at Jersey and Guernsey where she highlighted Liberation Square, St. Matthew’s Church and Mont Orgueil Castle among other places (The Challenger). In addition, an article in Express called Jersey “a home away from home, a unique and unspoiled part of the UK”. 

UK coverage generated 46 million opportunities to see for ‘How to get to Jersey’, an increase of 39 million quarter on quarter. This was aided by a proactive piece in Daily Telegraph Online which recommended Jersey as a weekend break destination, noting that “British Airways will get you there and back from 173 euros”.