Visit Britain Consumer Sentiment Tracker

VisitEngland has commissioned a tracking survey to understand domestic intent to take short breaks and holidays both within the UK and abroad, with particular focus around the current barriers and concerns around travel and how these will evolve over time. Explore some of the previous insights here and keep up to date with the latest reports. 

St Ouen's Bay

Here is a summary of the latest wave of VisitEngland’s Consumer Sentiment Tracker (fieldwork undertaken between 4th – 10th January):

With cases pf the Omicron variant having peaked and the associated safety measures and travel restrictions being eased, there is evidence in the latest survey that consumer confidence in travel is retuning, notably for overnight trips within the UK.  

Highlights from wave 42 include:

  •  33% felt that the worst had passed with regard to Covid-19, representing an significant improvement compared to the previous wave of the survey in December 2021
  • The Appetite for Risk score was 2.8/4 and this has steadily climbed from a score of 2.1 at this point in 2021
  • Nearly 3 in 5 UK adults plan to take an overnight domestic trip in the next 12 months and 4 in 10 are planning to take an overseas trip
  • 13% anticipate taking a domestic overnight trip before the end of March rising to 25% between April and June and 37% during the summer
  • The proportion of UK adults anticipating a UK or overseas overnight trip in the coming spring and summer periods has stayed relatively constant since November, although there are signs of overseas trip intention falling
  • Among those who are intending to take a trip over the first half of 2022, compared to pre-pandemic times booking lead times are expected to be closer to the travel date rather than further in advance
  • The popularity of London has returned to become the lead destination for winter breaks with a 20% share of the market
  • As in 2021, the South West region of the UK remains the lead destination for spring trips with a 22% share followed by London (13%), the South East (12%) and the North West (12%), but the South East has shown the strongest growth year-on-year
  • The leading destination type for winter and spring trips is ‘countryside or village’ but this is surpassed by a preference for ‘traditional coastal/seaside town’ between July and September
  • The accommodation types most likely to be used on overnight trips this spring are ‘camping/caravan’ (43%), ‘a private home’ (40%), ‘Hotel/motel/inn’ (40%) and ‘commercial rental such as rented holiday cottages’ (39%). Compared to the equivalent period in 2021, the largest growth in demand has been for ‘camping/caravan’
  • 16% of UK adults in employment plan on taking an overnights business trip in the next 3 months, which is down 4 percentage points compared to the last survey
  • The main barriers to travel remain restrictions on travel from government, the risks of having to quarantine, the cost/hassle of having to take a Covid test, concerns about catching Covid and concerns about personal finances