Welcome back to the Brit(ish) Island of Jersey

In April 2021 Visit Jersey partnered with Travel Weekly Group (TW) the UK’s market-leading trade media publication for the travel industry, developing both a print and online campaign to build awareness of Jersey as a staycation destination. The TW brand helps drive leads and stand out from the crowd, by directly connecting travel and tourism brands with travel sellers i.e. key trade partners.  

The pandemic has devastated travel and tourism and consumer forecast trends predict the ‘staycation’ holiday in 2021 to be more popular than ever, as consumer confidence grows with the vaccine rollout building momentum. 

Travel Weekly launched a UK, Ireland and Channel Islands domestic travel themed issue on 22 April to reflecting the explosion in domestic travel. The features purpose was to advise trade partners how to capitalise and credibly sell destinations that are closer to home, provide inspiration and deliver market share on what will be a very lucrative sector in 2021. Visit Jersey was the lead sponsor of this edition.

There is wide chatter within the travel industry that Devon and Cornwall are full during the peak summer season. However, Jersey is perfectly situated within the British Isles as a like-minded holiday destination, has space and is readily available to capture those travellers who wish to holiday closer to home in 2021. Driving destination awareness and front-of-mind positioning across the travel trade is essential to deliver maximum visitor numbers for Jersey this year.  


Campaign narrative - illustratively displayed in the opening cover as a postcard. 

The staycation destination that’s closer to home... 

(but far from everyday) 

Dear Friends,  

Welcome back to Jersey, the Brit(ish) island that’s closer to home, but far from the everyday. Part of the UK Common Travel Area. Jersey is a destination that feels familiar, yet ever so slightly exotic. It’s hard to put your finger on it... 

Your clients can take a short flight or enjoy a relaxed ferry journey and before they know it, they’ll feel the warm sand between their toes in the sunniest part of the British Isles.  They’ll discover an intriguing landscape, where gentle fields and wooded lanes meet sheltered bays on the south coast, while craggy coastlines merge with the drama of the Atlantic Ocean, with views of the French coast just 14 miles away. 

They will discover their freedom as they walk across wide open beaches, with soft sands and crystal clear waters to rival any influencer’s Instagram feed. 

As they stroll along St.Helier’s seafront promenade to the twinkling harbour of St.Aubin, they’ll feel the air of British familiarity give away to a French ambience, as they greet locals playing Petanque in a fishing village where life seems to slow down to the gentle rhythm of the tides. 

You see friends, Jersey’s not quite British, we’re Brit(ish). It’s all waiting to be discovered on an island that’s closer to home. 

Wish you were here.  

Team Visit Jersey  

This was supported by two additional features: 

'Want to blow their flips flops off? Here are 7 top reasons why your clients should book a Jersey staycation without delay.'

How well do you know Jersey? There are plenty of things you’ll find familiar, but the island’s blend of English and French influences gives Jersey a uniquely Brit(ish) charm. 

Campaign objective 

  • Educate the travel industry of Jersey’s position as a Staycation destination closer to home, but far from every day
  • Build awareness of Jersey being part of the UK Common Travel Area
  • Educate the travel industry about what makes Jersey so unique 
  • Differentiate Jersey from competitor staycation destinations (provide destination standout using innovative thinking)
  • Let the industry know Jersey is the sunniest spot in the British Isles 
  • Raise awareness of the Visit Safe Charter
  • Communicate Jersey’s appeal for both a short break or longer stay
  • Showcase Jersey’s breath of product offering for everyone from families, couples, multigenerational holidays 
  • Share the choice of holiday types for Adventure Travellers, Heritage Travellers, Luxury Travellers, Nature Travellers, Foodie Travellers or Family Travellers
  • Drive additional trade engagement through a fun competition

In line with the Government roadmap, high street travel agencies will reopened on 12 April. The domestic feature landed on 22 April a prevalent time to up-skill, train and position the USP’s of Jersey with front-line agents to help assist them to sell and drive booking conversion.  




Travel Weekly is the UK’s market-leading publication for the travel industry, with a readership spanning frontline agents to chief executives to staff throughout the travel and tourism industry.  

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