Ecorys Research

As part of Visit Jersey KPIs, we work with independent research agency Ecorys to help us better understand how our interactions with partners make a difference. The research is undertaken in the form of an online survey and interviews, which provide an overview of the nature of Visit Jersey’s support activities and the influence of this activity on specific business actions and to evaluate Visit Jersey’s support to business partners in tourism and travel trade. 

Ecorys survey

Visit Jersey’s activities with travel and tourism-related businesses (both on and off the island) include events (e.g. to provide opportunities for buyers to meet with suppliers), seminars, co-op marketing activity, e-newsletters and communications, provision of market research and statistics, material made available online (via the business or consumer websites) such as the image library, support for coordination of on-island events and face-to-face support and advice.

You might be contacted by Ecorys and invited to participate in a telephone or online survey; we would very much appreciate your help.