As we emerge from COVID, destinations globally are making a lot of noise. With pent-up demand for travel, our customers are being enticed by short breaks and longer holidays from all sides. To stand out in this crowded, noisy and different marketplace, now is the time to rethink our approach.

Although challenging, COVID has provided the chance for us to reset and present Jersey in a different way.

We can’t target everyone. So we’ve taken an evidence-based approach to identify our best prospect consumer segments across our core markets, UK, France and Germany based on their needs, motivations and behaviours. This document outlines our results and strategy for moving forward.

Visit Jersey Audience Segmentation

For a detailed breakdown of our target customer segments please email [email protected]

“This research is beyond anything we’d be able to afford to gather ourselves, and having it presented in simple terms meant it was easy to put into use in our marketing campaigns.”

“The results of doing this have been really significant. We’ve been able to exceed our 2019 UK visitor numbers, in a time when our visitor numbers to Jersey are still not at 100% of what they were in 2019.

This suggests of the people arriving in Jersey, we have a much greater market-share than what we did before we utilised Visit Jersey’s latest segmentation. I’d urge other partners to see the value in this research, and use it to their advantage – hopefully you see the same results that we have.”

Jess Coleman, Head of Marketing, Jersey Heritage

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Key Contacts

If you would like to learn more about our best prospects research please get in touch with Catherine Morris or Caroline Ashworth.